About Kat Dog Fashion

Hi Friends!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your support for making my dream of Kat Dog Fashions come to life! The dream was thought up in 2013 when I was blessed with a rescue beagle that my husband and I named Bella! She was thrown out on my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Iowa but she soon hit the jackpot when she made it up to her city home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Little did we know that Bella would be the one who rescued us! She has brought so much joy to our family and we just love her dearly! My obsession with always dressing her fashionably has continued through out the years. I remember when I bought her first t-shirt for her and I wasn’t sure if she would like being dressed up. It was so cute as she got excited when I would call her to come to the closet and tell her lets get dressed for the day! Her love for clothes is adorable! I think it makes her feel safe and secure when she can wear a piece of clothing that comforts her. I have always wanted to start a pet clothing store where I could give back to animal rescue groups.

Fast forward to 2018 and Kat Dog Fashions has finally come to life! Our mission is to make every animal feel fashionable, glamorous and loved! Animals deserve to be spoiled and pampered because their love is unconditional no matter what! That is why Kat Dog Fashions gives back to local and national no-kill animal shelters and organizations through our charity program called Kat Dog Cares. When you purchase anything from our store, a dollar from the purchase will go to the rescue organization that is chosen each for the month. This program was created in hopes that it will help animals find their fur-ever homes, be vaccinated and help with medical costs! Shelter pets are the best! I adopted my adorable and sassy cat Briar in 2008 with all the money I received from my college graduation! Couple years later I adopted our sweet kitty Nahla! We have quite the zoo at our home Never a dull moment with all our furry friends!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to share my love and passion for animals with you all!


Amanda and Matt - Owners

Bark, Woof, Meow ~ Bella, Briar and Nahla